Weekly Wrap Up | Dec. 1 – Dec. 8

I’m pretty sure that somewhere I promised to do a weekly reading update, and lo and behold, here we are. I had two main goals this month: read the thrillers nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards and complete the Winter Magical Readathon.

So, this will be a very short update because I have made precious little headway in either of those things.

Goodreads Choice Awards

I know that the “read Goodreads Choice Award nominees” has been the theme of several videos and challenges. I know I first saw it in booksandlala’s video in 2018. It definitely got me thinking about how Goodreads selects its nominees, and if they’re worth as much hype as they’re given. So, I wanted to try it out for myself once the main nominees were announced.

If you wanna know more about the books I chose and why, check out my December Reading Plans post. There is really no rhyme or reason why I chose those books other than they were the ones I was interested in that were nominated that I hadn’t read yet. I probably could’ve gone more in-depth and been more analytical, but this is what I decided on: a reading challenge with absolutely no statistical weight comprised of thrillers I was interested in.

I read The Test by Sylvain Neuvel and Lock Every Door by Riley Sager this week, scratching two books off the list. I had every intention of reading more, but the week just got wildly busy very fast. So, while I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to, I know that trying to cram in reading if I’m not feeling it will only breed resentment for whatever it is I’m reading.

I will hopefully be posting a review of Lock Every Door sometime this week, but if you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll know how I rated it (hint: I really liked it). It was definitely a gut reaction, so my rating might change, and while I definitely enjoyed it, I’m not sure how I feel about it compared to Sager’s other works.

2019 Winter Magical Readathon

Because this week was more hectic than I initially anticipated, I ended up not finishing Ace of Shades this week and really only started it this afternoon.

I also kinda broke the rules a little bit by going through to Chapter Two when I hadn’t actually finished Chapter One (whoops), so I’m just going to redo it once I actually finish Ace of Shades. Which will, hopefully, be this week.

So, that’s about it. I read two books and accidentally flubbed a readathon, so all in all, it’s just been one of those weeks. But, tomorrow is a new day and I’m hoping it’ll be a little calmer than this past week’s been.

Thanks for reading!



End of the Year Book Tag

Hello friends!

Is this post a few minutes late for Blogmas Day Two? Mayhaps. Are we going to pretend it wasn’t and just carry on like it’s on time? Potentially. The point is that I wrote most of this before midnight, so I’m gonna go ahead and count it.

Anyway, I was looking for some fun book tags to do and saw this tag floating around on the book community, so I wanted to give it a go. I did some digging, and I believe it was created by Ariel Bisset. It sounded like a really fun, short tag so let’s give it a whirl! Continue reading “End of the Year Book Tag”

December Reading Plans

So, apparently the last time I posted a legitimate TBR was in July…whoops.

If there are two things I find I struggle with, it’s keeping to TBRs and keeping to readathons. Which is probably why the readathons I find I’m most successful at are the ones where the prompts are flexible and I don’t have to stick to a set list. They have just enough structure where I can still keep myself motivated to read and just enough flexibility where I’m not stressing out too much.

I found a readathon in November that let me do just that with the Skinsathon. I ended up reading 13 books last month and had a great time. Skinsathon was a month-long readathon lasting the month of November that was based around the Skins (UK) TV show. It was a lot of fun and had I loved the prompts and the challenges.

Continue reading “December Reading Plans”

Skins-a-thon Gen 2 Prompt

Hello friends! This November, I’ve been participating in the Skins-a-thon hosted by the bookswhitme. While I’m on team Gen 1, I was unfortunately unable to do the 24 hour readathon, but really loved this prompt of recommending five books based on a favorite TV show.

As I sat at my desk, wondering which series I would pick for it, there was one that seemed pretty obvious the more I thought about it. So, without further ado, here are some books I would recommend based off of Containment.

Now, if you don’t remember Containment, I wouldn’t blame you.  It was a limited series released on The CW in 2016, but I didn’t find it until it was released on Netflix. Containment follows the aftermath of a mysterious epidemic breaking out in Atlanta, leaving residents to fight for their lives while local and federal agencies work toward finding a cure. It should still be on there, if anybody’s interested.

I love a good disaster thriller film, and I don’t know why, but an added endemic/epidemic/pandemic theme just kind of elevates that sense of suspense I really enjoy in thrillers. So, a lot of these books, if not all of them, revolve around that same element: a plague/disease-based apocalyptic thriller. Continue reading “Skins-a-thon Gen 2 Prompt”

Book Review | House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin Craig

It has been many, many days since this blog has seen a review, and what a book to turn it around with.

I have a lot of feelings about House of Salt and Sorrows. Like, a lot. Some good, some great, and some bad, but we’ll dive into those in just a few moments.

To start, House of Salt and Sorrows was the fairy tell retelling my heart’s been waiting for. It had everything I could’ve asked for–and somethings I didn’t–from a haunted house/ghost story to a spooky seaside atmosphere, a curse, and a murder mystery? Sign me up.

This was a fantastic read to round out the spooky season, so let’s dive into this review. Continue reading “Book Review | House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin Craig”

Beating the Bibliography: Stephen King

Some background: I was talking with my boyfriend one night when we made a joke about whether or not I could read the entirety (or most, rather) of Stephen King’s bibliography before George R.R. Martin finished the Song of Ice and Fire series. We had a good little laugh about it before I genuinely gave it some thought and decided, ya know, I might as well give it a shot.

Essentially, my plan is to just read the entirety of King’s bibliography to the best of my ability. Meaning that I’m going to focus on his books, short story collections, and non-fiction works. There is another category called “other”, but it looks like it’s mostly short stories and other collections that were already collected in previous collections. If that makes sense.

And so, like a good noodle, and with the help of a handy Wikipedia page, I did my research and compiled a nifty little spreadsheet to help guide me along on my journey to beat the bibliography and win nothing but bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment.

So you wanna beat a bibliography?

According to my research I have about 76 works to read. It breaks down to 61 novels, 10 short story collections, and 5 non-fiction works. And, while I did sort the bibliography by publication year, it was pretty much just a way to make sure I documented all the books rather than an actual plan. Besides, plans can be overrated.

So, am I gonna wing it, and maybe have some semblance of order that’s really mostly to make myself feel better? Perhaps.

Point is that I’m not too worried about how I beat the bibliography, and more just setting a personal challenge for myself.

While the initial joke was doing it within a certain time frame, I’m actually going to be very relaxed about it. I’ve been meaning to read Stephen King for a while now and now I have no excuse.

Now, the idea of reading the entirety of King’s bibliography isn’t exactly a novel idea. It’s definitely been done before and I pretty much just decided that I also wanted to do it. If I’m successful, I may branch out and try it out with other authors with intimidating bibliographies. 

If you’re on a quest to beat King’s bibliography, or even just wanna read one of his books, let me know! I’m always up for a buddy read, and it’ll make it all the more fun.

Also, I titled this “Beat/Beating the Bibliography” because I liked the alliterative title. If this is, or is similar to, another blogger’s series, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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